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Elitewood cover replacement with new Maxxwood & Equinox Louvered System patio cover

  The days of chop, cut, and destroy are over.

In years past, patio cover companies would fiercely cut back roofs to gain more height ruining house roof structures in the process. Back then, no one ever thought anyone would ever notice. They thought their patio cover would last forever. This project below illustrates what not to do when building and designing a new backyard patio cover.

Upon initial inspection and appointment with this customer, we found she had many complaints.

1) The Elitewood patio cover was leaking profusely.

2) The cover was built so low that she felt cooped up and felt very claustrophobic.

3) The patio cover was a significant embarrassment and eyesore.

4) Her adjoining rooms were so dark she thought she lived in a dungeon.


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Living on a beautiful golf course, they could not enjoy their views because their existing low-lying patio cover was blocking their views. They complained that their cover was very depressing and a thorn in their side.

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After removing their existing patio cover structure, we had to have their roof and fascia boards replaced and their gutter system. Upon discovery, we found that the home’s electrical was a fire hazard and was a liability for their new patio cover install, which also got replaced.


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